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Escrow Costa Rica


We are backed by more than 15 years of experience. We want to understand your needs and guide you through the entire process. We offer support for your business. Fill Form


Escrow Costa Rica

escrow costa rica

We understand that your assets are the most important thing to you and therefore we want to be the partner who will protect your financial transactions and your assets. In addition, we are your efficient business facilitator.

What services do we offer? Escrow Costa Rica

What services do we offer?
We act as an independent party to transactions that require the involvement of an impartial third party:






Why choose ATA Trust?

Aside from our vast experience in advisory services, we are backed by:

Legal backing

International legal support from Lexincorp Central American Law Firm. Regional coverage throughout Central America. Annual audits by recognized companies. Escrow Costa Rica.

More than US$100 million under management

Over the years, we have managed more than 100 million U.S. dollars in bank accounts with the major commercial banks in the country while achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


Escrow Costa Rica


escrow costa rica
Escrow Costa Rica

Third Party Resource Management

We manage your resources either for project financing, development ...

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Escrow Costa Rica

Custody of Assets

If you need a home equity loan, it is in your best interest to do ...

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Escrow Costa Rica


According to an exhaustive analysis of the client's objectives, like this ...

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We advise you throughout the entire process.

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With ATA Trust you can entrust your financial resources to a structured and solid company:

• Temporary custody of funds in U.S. dollars in government and private commercial bank accounts in Costa Rica, as well as in Costa Rican stock exchange accounts.

• Fidelity and compliance insurance: coverage through the National Insurance Institute INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros).

• Updated technological platform that allows us to respond quickly to the requests of our customers

• Completely individualized administrative and accounting management.

• Reports and periodic account statements sent to each client.

• Agile, timely and regular communication with our clients in several languages.

• Highly trained personnel committed to provide outstanding service.

• Multidisciplinary professional support.

• Separated and individualized assets.

• Compliance area, which guarantees the efficient control and management of all aspects under law # 8204 (money laundering).

• Compliance with sound financial and banking practices.

• Risk reduction. Escrow Costa Rica

escrow costa rica
escrow costa rica

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