Third Party Resource Management

Escrow Costa Rica
Based upon your instructions, we manage your assets or rights in the most efficient way in order to obtain the maximum benefit for you. We manage your resources either for project finance, real estate development, construction projects or any other purposes.


If you need to temporarily deposit your funds in our accounts for us to manage them.

Appointed administrator:

The use of your funds is carried out by direct order or according to your instructions.

Testamentary trustee:

The trustor appoints a trustee to receive all or a part of the trustor’s assets, in order to administer them for the benefit of third parties at the time of the trustor’s death; in other words when the term or specified condition is fulfilled, the trustee shall use the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries. During the trustor’s lifetime the assets (shares, real estate, money) are transferred to the trustee, with instructions to distribute them after the trustor’s death.

Securing your estate:

Since the trust assets are not part of the trustor’s estate, they are protected in the event of possible uncertainties that could harm the trustee’s assets. Any legal claims against the trustor therefore have no consequences for the trust assets.