Escrow Costa Rica

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the client’s objectives, we design the trust that best suits the client’s needs.

Payment guarantees:

Constituted by a natural person or legal entity that is to become a debtor of a credit obligation. The essential purpose of this type of trust is to guarantee to the trustor’s creditors that in the event of default by the trustor in the payment of the debts, the trustee will proceed to execute the assets, in order to pay, in proportion, the trustor’s debts.

Executorship or transfer of assets in the event of death:

This applies when the trustor contributes certain assets so that in the event of the trustor’s death the trustee can transfer the assets to the beneficiaries that were designated by the trustor.

Investment funds:

We offer you the management of liquid resources with the purpose of using them for banking investments or productive activities that generate attractive yields.